Top 10 Leisure Podcasts


1.Everrealm Adventures
Everrealm Adventures
An all POC actual play DnD5e podcast, set on a isolated, fabled(and entirely homebrew) continent called the Everrealm. Join Farlies (a half-drow half something?)rogue/warlock played by Mark J.) , Mythcyra (a tiefling monk played by Jinx), Tera(an earth genasi ranger played by Rosie), Nimbus (a... Read More
Travel Technology Research Ltd
Monthly T2RL podcasts, hosted by our team of experts from around the globe, will share the inside scoop into the underlying trends and expectations behind our research and data, offering a platform for travel industry professionals to stay updated on critical developments and trends in travel... Read More
Neil Bentley
Welcome to Metropod, the brand new podcast where you can catch up the latest events, offers and happenings at Metrocentre and beyond!
4.Giochi da Tavolo Live
Alexander Quarella
Un podcast di giochi da tavolo, GDR e dintorni
Over the years Digital Coffee has morphed into a gaming podcast. Brett Deister the host, loves all things tech and gaming. However, he has experience in the PC gaming peripheral market. This is the only podcast dedicated to gaming marketing. Find out what we will talk about.A list of topics to be... Read More
6.The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news and interviews with industry veterans. New episodes released every Friday!
7.Motorhome Matt
Matt Sims
Advice, industry insights and an impartial view into the world of motorhomes, caravans, campervans and travel, from the motorhome nerd himself, Matt Sims.
8.An Idiot's Guide to Adventuring
An Idiot's Guide to Adventuring
Welcome to An Idiot’s Guide to Adventuring, a TTRPG actual play podcast made by idiots… but not exclusively for idiots. DM Paul Stanfield is joined by Justin Cole, Joshua Ladd, and Luke Stanfield in the fantastical world of Alurea. Listen along as these four friends roll dice, make merry, and... Read More
9.The SEGA Lounge
Mixdown Productions
Hosted by KC. An interview based podcast focusing on SEGA games, game devs and community personalities. New episodes every Friday. Come on in and have a seat.
10.Let's Talk Cars Radio
Let's Talk Cars Radio
“Let’s Talk Cars Radio” has been the go to for Hampton Roads car enthusiasts and repair information since 2015. These Car Guru’s eat, sleep and breath everything cars. Let’s Talk Cars Radio features your weekly auto news stories, mixed with comedy, centered on the auto manufacturing and... Read More