About Pod1

Pod1 is a new, simple to use 'link in bio' service, specifically for podcasters.

Our platform allows you to create a profile with your RSS feed, then add links for your audience. Any links, links to your socials, offers and merch. You can even embed youtube videos.


What is a 'link in bio?'

Social media accounts usually only let you add one link to your biography, this is known as your 'link in bio' or 'bio link'. This is especially true with Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and SnapChat.

If you don't have a website, then using a service like Pod1 is perfect as it allows you to direct your audience to various links on one page via just one link.


What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for really, simple, syndication. If you're a podcaster, you will find this wherever you host your podcast. It's a URL that updates every time you change any information to do with your podcast (artwork, new episodes, descriptions...).

We use your RSS feed to keep your Pod1 profile fresh, updating your player with the latest episode when it drops.

Pod1 accepts all audio podcast RSS feeds including Apple Podcasts, Acast, Spotify, Anchor, PodBean, Soundcloud & libsyn.


How do I create a profile for my podcast?

It's super easy and takes seconds. Follow these easy steps and you'll be just fine.

Create a free account here

Press create in your dashboard to add a new profile.

Choose your unique username and add your RSS feed link and hit create.


How does the profile editor work?

You'll see your editor settings on the left and a live preview of your Pod1 profile on the right (non-mobile only).

The 'basics' tab allows you to change your username, RSS feed and title. You can also add a number of featured recent podcast episodes and change your description. Either populate your profile's description with your RSS feed or choose a custom one.

Hit save to make those changes happen.

The 'design' tab gives you the ability to choose a background and accent colour. You can even use the colour picker to make sure your colours are the same as your brand.

You can also set the style of buttons you want to use for your links and toggle the contact form and view count.

The 'header' allows you to change the header image and profile image by selecting the source. Choose from your RSS feed, a solid colour or upload a new design.

You also have the ability to add up to five smart links. You can also drag and drop to change the order (non-mobile only).

'links' is where you add even more links. Just give it a name and copy and paste the full url into the box. You can turn links on and off via the display toggle, which will update instantly in your preview. You can also toggle the highlight option to bring more attention to your link. Drag and drop to change the order (non-mobile only).

Once you're happy, you're done! It's as easy as that.

Click on 'share' at the top of the screen to access the sharing options. Now, it's just a case of switching out your social media bio link for your new Pod1 link.


What does the dashboard do?

The dashboard is the place to add new podcast profiles and access your stats. You can also find your sharing options here too.


Do you track my stats?

Pod1 doesn't affect the statistics at the root of your podcast RSS feed, it simply gives you more opportunity to add to it.

Pod1 clicks and podcast plays are also tracked within our platform. The stats page provides you with a simple visualisation of your views, clicks and plays on Pod1 to show you how your page is performing.


What are Pod1 charts?

The charts are curated from profile views. The more you direct your audience to your Pod1 link, the more chance you have to climb the charts.

Pod1 has charts for every individual category, as well as an overall podcast chart.


How do I get verified?

You might have noticed blue ticks on certain profiles? These are verified profiles and are manually awarded by our team. If you feel you deserve a verified account, please get in touch with our team.